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Every so often we get to the point where we feel like we have run out of good investment ideas. I suppose it is the equivalent of writer’s block. As with writer’s block or any other creative brick wall it is always solved by some good old lateral thinking. And so it was last week as we fumbled around for our next source of moonshots.

And what was this new source of moonshots? It may sound obvious, but we decided to scour all the recent crypto listings, something we had done once before back in May with some limited success.

We restricted our search to crypto listings within the last 30 days. That number totaled around 500. Of that number we extracted 9 projects that looked interesting and from that, 3 that we are particularly excited about.

We are also excited by the fact that this is a valuable source of future moonshots despite the hard work to find only 3 gems in a mountain of crap.

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Our findings

The reality is the vast majority of new listings are total crap. The memecoin phenomenon has died down a little since we last reviewed new listings back in May. Back then the majority of listings consisted of memecoin after memecoin. However memecoins aren’t going anywhere, not yet anyway. They still represent around 30% of new listings. The memecoin phenomenon has been replaced by the blockchain gaming craze with over 40% of new listings in the play to earn gaming space, an area that is fast becoming saturated. The third significant area of new listings were yield farming platforms, another massively over saturated space.

A monthly source

Whilst it was a lot of work to come up with only 9 potential moonshots from 500 projects and only 3 gems it was a worthwhile exercise which you may be…




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