Micro Cap Watch List — Friday 8th October 2021

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3 min readOct 9, 2021


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On May 13 the crypto market reached its all time high. In five months much has happened, including predictions of crypto armageddon. It was the commentators who are to blame, spreading negativity like wildfire. But the people in the know, the crypto entrepreneurs and seasoned investors continued along their merry way. They had seen it all before and could see the vision clearly. The market having dropped 53% from its high is now only 7% shy of its all time high and greed fills the air again — just the way we like it!

And with all that said, the Micro Cap Watch List had an exceptional week with only 3 fallers, not too shabby.

The biggest winners were:

Rentible +53%

  • CertiK +29%
  • Lunch Money +25%
  • Yield 24%

And the losers:

  • Candela -30%
  • Faceter -10%
  • Like -9%

We decided not to add or delete any new cryptocurrencies to our list this week.

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