Micro Cap Watch List — Friday 22nd October 2021

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3 min readOct 23, 2021


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It was a mixed week for the Micro Cap Watch List. There were a smattering of standout performers and a few losers. All in all it was another positive week considering how strong last week was.

The biggest winners were:

  • Candela +213%
  • Uno Re +118%
  • Don’t KYC 69%
  • Energy Ledger +55%

And the losers:

  • Faceter -56%
  • Yield -13%

In fact at the time of compiling the Micro Cap table the price of Lunch Money was unchanged from last week. This is because the latest price is from the last trade which happens to be from a centralized exchange which is selling LMY at $0.004. Uniswap is probably the best guide to the real price which shows a price of $0.001, a 76% fall from last week mainly due to an exploit. This in our opinion makes LMY a perfect buying opportunity.

Additions and Deletions

We decided not to add or delete any tokens this week.

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Other goings on

Moonshot gets his own TV show!

Today sees the launch of Moonshot Weekly TV a weekly show where our very own Mr. Moonshot reveals one new moonshot every week. The focus will be on micro cap cryptocurrencies which he feels have the best potential for massive growth.

Listen to this week’s show here and discover what he believes is potentially one of the most exciting moonshot opportunities in the micro cap space right now..




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