Investment Opportunities in the Metaverse?

Exploring the metaverse, buying virtual land and identifying crypto moonshots

7 min readDec 3, 2021


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Mark Twain once said ‘Buy land, they’re not making it anymore’. Those words of wisdom have stood the test of time until the metaverse came along.

When Facebook announced they were changing their name to Meta it shone a light on a space which the mainstream hadn’t fully appreciated.

However as usual the crypto community was way ahead of the curve. Blockchain entrepreneurs have been busily developing metaverse applications for a few years now, Facebook just gave it mainstream recognition. Before that announcement the average person hadn’t even heard of the metaverse and if they had they didn’t have a clue what it meant.

Here is a brief definition for those in the metaverse beginner camp:

A shared, realistic, and immersive computer simulation of the real world or other possible worlds, in which people participate as digital avatars.

Investors have been piling into cryptocurrencies with even a faint connection to the metaverse well before the Facebook announcement. A recent report by the crypto fund manager Grayscale estimated the potential value of the market at $1 trillion. However mainstream adoption is probably some five to ten years away. Microsoft and Apple are other big players who have recognized the potential with Apple looking to enter the augmented reality market with the imminent launch of a range of smart glasses.

This article aims to look at some of the main operators in the crypto metaverse space and identify where investors should be investing their money to take advantage of this massive potential market.

The significance of the metaverse

The first question we have to ask ourselves before getting involved in financial matters is, why is the metaverse so significant?




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