Crypto Moonshots on Cosmos

11 min readMay 28, 2021

Our search for undervalued and undiscovered cryptocurrencies continues…

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In the last few weeks we have been systematically exploring various areas of the cryptocurrency ecosystem to find those rare gems. In this search we have examined many of the newly listed cryptocurrencies, the hundreds of projects on Binance Smart Chain and the projects within the Polkadot ecosystem. Probably the poorest crop were from the newly listed cryptocurrencies, many of which had no real world uses and were priced at absurd valuations. Greed has definitely set into the majority of the new projects coming to market with developers more concerned with making a few bucks than ensuring investors get a good deal.

This assessment may sound an over generalization however all it takes is a quick glance at the tokenomics of a sample of listings to verify our point. Investors are being asked to pay a price that already assumes that the project has succeeded. Of course most projects will fail, that is the hard reality of startups, crypto projects are no different. To value a project at $50 million when all it has is a website, a few thousand followers and a vision means that if a project does succeed the winners will be the founders with the investors receiving only the scraps.

Considering the investor is financing the developer’s dreams, valuations should be structured to reflect that. That is why one of the best sources of moonshots are older projects that have already demonstrated that they have a viable project. This is the best way to de-risk your investment.

You can read the reports we wrote on moonshots on Binance Smart Chain and Polkadot here.

So with all that said we have decided to run our slide rule over projects in the Cosmos ecosystem.

A little about Cosmos

Cosmos is an ecosystem of parallel blockchains that are able to both scale and interoperate together. Cosmos based blockchains now incorporate the recently launched Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC)…




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